Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have been part of my life since 1983, when my very first Chesapeake, Magnum, came into my life.  He was a fantastic gun dog and friend, and I miss him to this day.  Since then, my house has always had at least one Chessie in it and I can't imagine being without one.  I really love and appreciate the breed.  When I raise a litter, I take great care to plan a good mating that meets my high standards and produces dogs anyone would be proud to own and hunt with. 

If you're interested in the breed, please contact me and we can talk more about the dogs. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are my passion.  I love the breed, and am dedicated to producing good quality dogs that will do an outstanding job in the field, yet be great companions in the home.  Structural soundness is a high priority here, as is correct conformation as per the breed standard. 

I hunt my dogs and guide other hunters, and will run an ocassional hunt test as well.  They all earn their keep, and are the kind of family-oriented hunting dogs I like to have, they look good doing their job.  I'm a firm believer in sound structure combined with good looks and excellent disposition...a balanced dog with plenty of natural ability and talent, combined with high trainability is my goal. 








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