Gun Dog Training

Dogs come to Red Branch Kennels from all across North America.  We've trained dogs for satisfied owners from east coast to west coast and north to south in both the USA and Canada, as well as New Zealand.

Here at Red Branch, your dog will receive plenty of individual attention, as I only take ten dogs at any one time for training.  Programs are custom tailored for the needs of each dog, and owner participation is welcomed and encouraged. 

I train both pointers and retrievers.  With the access to birds I have here...15,000 acres of wild birds...your dog can experience the closest thing to wild bird hunting while in training. 


Fees include birds.  I feed Victor Hi-Pro Plus dog food.  If you prefer your dog have a different food, you are welcome to provide it at your expense.

PLEASE NOTE:  A dog that has NOT been trained here is NOT eligible for a week or two of "training/board" while you're on vacation.  There are regular boarding kennels for your vacation purposes.

Puppy Development/Puppy Head Start

This program is ideal for those who have no real access to land or birds for training, and is for puppies from three months to approximately one year.  It lasts for just one month, and gets your puppy into birds, used to fields and woods and water, and some basic obedience.   I only take two puppies in this category at any one time.   

Cost is $800 per month or $200 per week. 

Gun Dog Basics

The basics program is just that....a sound foundation of basic skills for the average gun dog.  It covers obedience, quartering, whoa for pointing dogs and a whistle sit for flushing or retriever breeds, introduction to gunfire and birds being shot for the dog, and other skills necessary for a family gun dog.  Depending on the age and aptitude of each dog, this takes from three to four months.

Cost is $900 per month or $225 per week.

Conditioned Retrieve Training (also called force fetch)

This is a program to train the dog to retrieve to your hand, on command, without dropping it until you give the command to do so.  It consists of mouth conditioning, teaching hold, and developing a conditioned response to the command "fetch!".  Different dogs will require different styles of this and different lengths of time to complete the program.  $225 per week. 

IMPORTANT:  Dogs coming in for this program must be able to heel on lead without pulling and have a solid recall to either heel or front, depending on your preference.  If this is not done prior to arrival, there will be an additional two weeks added to the time frame to train these skills.

Intermediate and Advanced programs

Available for those who want to take it to a higher level and are willing to maintain that level of training.  This is targeted toward dogs that are either going to be in competition, or owners who want a truly finished, "brag" dog.  The skill set goes above and beyond the basic gun dog.

Cost is $900 per month or $225 per week.

Private Lessons

$70 per hour, or a package of four lessons for $260.  All packages must be used within 60 days of the first lesson of the package.

Day Training

$300 per day --you and your dog spend the day training with us.

Boarding (for client gun dogs only that have been through a full training program here)  $25 per day or $20 if two dogs belonging to the same person can share the same kennel run. This will include some short training tune-ups.



Retriever Hunt tests

I am available to teach you to handle your dog in HRC hunt tests, from Started through Finished.  Contact me with your needs.  I do not take client dogs to hunt tests, as my weekends are full here at the kennel.

Training includes all birds used on our premises.  Owner participation is encouraged.  You are welcome to come and work with your dog as often as you would like, after the initial two weeks has passed.






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